Family Law

When you’re facing family legal issues it is easy to become overwhelmed, stressed, and confused, therefore one of the most important decisions you can make is choosing an experienced and trustworthy Midland, Texas Family Lawyer. Damian Castillo is one of the most trusted lawyers in the area and has had the privilege of helping families through the toughest and most joyous times. As an experienced lawyer, he provides the compassion and understanding necessary to guide and support his clients through these difficult times. Mr. Castillo will aggressively advocate for your interests if you’re going through a divorce or any other contentious legal family matter. He aims to minimize the stress of each legal matter by fiercely negotiating to reach an amicable resolution for those involved. Mr.Castillo makes it his overall goal to resolve each legal matter quickly and efficiently for the benefit of each family.

He assists with all types of Family Law cases such as:

Divorce | Child Support Cases | Custody Cases | Adoptions | Terminations | Child Protective Services Matters | Uniform Interstate Family Support Act Cases | Enforcements

Probate Law

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult and emotionally draining times in a person’s life. But, the legalities that may arise after the loss of a loved one add even more stress to the situation. Are you looking to settle a loved one’s estate or make sure they aren’t being taken advantage of? Regardless of the situation, Damian Castillo is an experienced Probate Law Attorney in Midland, Texas and is here to help you by providing superior services, support, and care. Whether you’re an executor, spouse, child, trustee, heir etc., Mr. Castillo is an expert in probates and is here to guide you through each step of the lengthy process.

Drafting of Estate Documents: Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney Forms
Probating Estates with or without a Will
Contesting the Probate of an Estate
Contesting the Probate of a Will
Removing an Administrator or Executor

Guardianship Law

When a loved one is no longer capable of taking care of themselves someone is called upon to be their legal guardian. Damian Castillo is certified to represent clients in Guardianship matters and is even able to act as an attorney ad litem in the state of Texas. He understands that this lengthy process can cause an excess of emotional distress, therefore he makes it his mission to be attentive, supportive, and reliable from start to finish. He has a plethora of experience in obtaining orders to appoint his clients as guardians over a family member’s person and estate. Including an order that will allow the guardian to manage the family member’s financial affairs and make all necessary medical decisions. If you have any questions regarding guardianship, consult with Damian Castillo today.

State and Federal Crimes Defense

If you have been charged with a state or federal crime, do not hesitate to get in touch with a Criminal Defense Attorney immediately. Damian Castillo has comprehensive knowledge of state and federal sentencing guidelines and is also extremely familiar with the court system. This is beneficial for his clients because Mr.Castillo understands how the system works, meaning he utilizes his extensive knowledge and expertise to seek acquittals, dismissals, and reversals on appeals for his clients. As one of the most dependable Criminal Defense Attorneys in Midland, Texas, Mr.Castillo tailors his approach to each client’s legal issues to ensure he will provide aggressive, top quality representation against all criminal allegations.

State Jail Felonies | First Degree Felonies | Second Degree Felonies | Third Degree | Felonies | DWI | Assault / Domestic Violence | Misdemeanors    Drug Charges (prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin) | Theft  Firearms & Weapon | Charges | Murder | Expunction / Non Disclosures Revocations